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What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a way of advertising in which businesses mail printed ads, letters or other solicitations to large groups of consumers or other businesses. Bulk-mail rates are used to lower the cost of the mailing, and targeted mailing lists are used to maximize the response and return.

This type of advertising is used in many different situations, limited primarily by the imagination of the advertiser. Stores typically use direct mail to advertise new products or to distribute coupons. Charities typically use the it to raise money or recruit volunteers. Universities use mail marketing to reach potential students and show what they offer. Almost any sales pitch can be made in this way.

To create a direct mail postcard or brochure, advertisers will work to create an ad that will appeal to a substantial number of people. They will then send it to a large group of people, depending on the potential audience of the ad. That could be a ZIP code, particular demographic, or entire nation. Newsletters are also a popular function of direct mail - to keep in touch with customers and strengthen relationships by putting a face on the business and growing brand awareness.

Advertisers have found direct mail appealing for a number of reasons. It takes their message directly to the consumer. While consumers might walk away from a television ad or flip past a newspaper ad, they will eventually open their mailbox. Advertisers also like that they can direct their message as narrowly or broadly as they want, using bulk mailing rates. By receiving the mail at home, direct mail puts the advertiser's message in the hands of the consumer at the time the consumer might be likely to read it, along with the rest of the mail. Direct mail marketing is most effective with multiple mailings, a minimum of three is recommended.

Our Fulfillment Services...

The post office is often changing mail regulations and rules in order to simplify mailing, but this can make it a complicated process for marketing departments and designers. Our experts stay up-to-date on the latest USPS requirements in order to help you manage your mailing in the most efficient and cost effective way. Our fulfillment services can take your business printing piece from production through delivery without you having to lift a finger.